Scientific and voluminous clinical studies have shown that clinical hypnosis has been extremely successful in treating such conditions as anxiety disorders, stress reduction, hypertension, post-traumatic stress disorder, weight control, pain management, addictions, smoking cessation, and managing the distress of cancer and chemotherapy to name just a few.

Self-hypnosis has been proven to successfully enable people to cope with difficult life situations by opening communication between the conscious and subconscious thus enabling the body to change and heal.  When practicing self-hypnosis we are able to experience greater concentration while in a higher state of relaxation thus enhancing the mind/body connection.

The self-hypnosis programs featured on this website have been created by three highly respected, renown, behavioral modification therapists.  You will find their credentials and program descriptions within this site.  Click here to read testimonials regarding these programs.  

These interactive audio self-hypnosis CD's and cassettes utilize the immense power of the brain using techniques such as visualization, guided imagery, relaxation and positive affirmations.  They are designed to enable you, or someone you love, to overcome difficult issues in the shortest possible time frame.  They give you the opportunity to make major life changes, take control of your life, become free of destructive health threatening habits, relieve stress and instill confidence for success.  Mental health specialists throughout the world have endorsed these techniques.  

If you have any questions or comments, need additional information, or to place an order for any of the self-hypnosis programs, please don't hesitate to call, write or email one of the therapists on the following pages.


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